Thursday, November 12, 2009

Four new dresses at Thimbles - kind of 80s called Lucy is a big girl now.
Available in four different colors and comes with two skirt options.
TP to Thimbles

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The sims of March Hare & Red Queen are having a Hunt this weekend. July 10th-12th. There are tiny red Drink Me bottles on the Sim for you to find! Hare/40/30/94

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Everything on sale at Thimbles Main - Floyd!!

i keep logging off before getting a SLURL - sorry... check my profile for a pick teleport thingy or just search Thimbles under places. Sorry!!!

but yes, everything is on sale. everything in big thimble is marked down at least by 25 - 50% everything in little thimble and in the basement under *both* is marked down to 25L or less. a lot of things are 5L, 10L and some are free!

Friday, May 1, 2009

hi new stuff information

so this weekend is a busy weekend! thimbles has a new satellite shop opening on the wonderland sim as well as our solo shops - pig and split pea! it's a really f'king awesome complex of shops and really... i implore you to come check everything out and explore, you'll love it. here are some pictures.

the above picture is in the pig shop that I'm sharing with OMGWTF Barb's shop This is a Fawn. She's got everything from shapes and clothes to original artowork. Just delightful and I love her.
ps. that sweater is new... pss it took me all stupid week to make and there is a 16th color i'm holding back for the RFL charity stuff. WINK WINK. oh and pssssss - the sweater is only for sale in these two locations at the moment... if i hadn't made it i'd totally buy it just for the stupid color names.

This is me in the new thimbles location - i haven't had a chance to make anything new for the occasion but I will as soon as i can and it'll only be released in this location for a while. my neck hurts.

Pig is also opening a sattelite at the Creve Coeur shopping area on First Meta. This location will only be selling menswear... which of course all my mens junk is unisex so I really dont know what that means... but I'm making it very manfriendly. I don't have any pictures of that but the building is flipping adorable and i love it and there are tons of great shops there as well. I'm so tired.

here are some slurls and pretend i also added a picture of a hairless cat in a bathtub!

Thimbles at Wonderland
Pig at Creve Coeur

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Find the River Apron Dress at Thimbles

Dress comes in four colors - its an apron dress - you should wear a tshirt with it or show it all - totally up to you. Comes with layers and two different skirt options.

Its available at our main store on Floyd and our store on Retrology.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Because I love few like I love you, Toast Bard

It's no secret - I'll shout it from the prim rooftops and also my own real one if i had a ladder. I adore Toast Bard in the same way i feel about my cats. There is a small fundraiser going on Tableau right now (amazing shirts from Tres Blah, adorable poses from Pudge, Wonderful hair from lamb) I put these swimsuits out there - There are a lot of colors and I've forgotten how many. They're 125L each and there's also a fatpack. Last night i made some knee high(ish) versions of the Pig - Socks Mit Suspenders and those are for sale *only* at Tableau in the fundraiser right now. 30 colors and 75L each.

Go now - Click This

Monday, March 23, 2009

so i wanted to do this a while ago

recolor this monster - i quite love the dark colors. and the light ones. anyways it goes well with guns and unicorns. 90L each at all thimbles locations. comes in sheer and opaque on all layers. 15 colors total.